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Promising Plans and Projects in Salinas

Salinas, California — a city rich in history — is preparing for a vibrant future. Several redevelopment projects and plans are underway and will provide many opportunities for investment, new business and growth. These plans will build upon Salinas’ already strong foundation, making the city an even more promising place to locate and run a business. Contact us with any questions.


Economic Development Element

The future prosperity of the City of Salinas is dependent on economic development both within and at the edges of the City; in the improvement of workforce skills, training, and educational opportunities; enhancement of community quality of life; and provision for supporting public services and infrastructure.  In collaboration with other community groups, the City of Salinas has created a Draft Economic Development Element to its General Plan.  This Element is designed to provide long-term guidance to the City by identifying Economic Opportunity Areas, balancing priorities between revitalization of existing areas and development of vacant land, and by investing in the creation of a culture of community unity.  The Salinas City Council has accepted the Economic Development Element as a key strategy of accomplishing its goal of community prosperity, and has authorized the preliminary steps of conducting the necessary environmental reviews to incorporate the Economic Development Element into its General Plan.

You may view Volume I (Element) and Volume II (Appendices) of the Economic Development Element.  If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact Doug Yount, Principal at Applied Development Economics.


Downtown Vibrancy Plan

Downtown Salinas has been the center of the community since the City's incorporation in 1870.  The proposed Downtown Vibrancy Plan is intended to address serious needs to update Downtown's infrastructure to assure pedestrian safety, calm vehicular traffic to encourage increased bicycle use, provide a sustainable parking strategy, and create a sense of place through art and culture that attracts visitors to a new, safe destination. 


Alisal Marketplace

The City of Salinas is spearheading a major redevelopment project located in the eastern portion of the central city area. More than 50 acres of land will be redeveloped into a mixed-use environment for:
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Commercial
  • Office space
  • Municipal use

Salinas Ag-Industrial Center

A proposed 257-acre agriculture-oriented area located in the southwestern corner of Salinas will solidify the city’s reputation as the “Salad Bowl of the World.” The Economic Development Administration awarded a $3.48 million grant to Salinas to replace aging wastewater pipelines at the Ag-Industrial Center. This project will retain approximately 2,000 jobs and create just as many through relocation and expansion. Currently, there are several grower-shippers, processors, and cooling companies that already operate in the area, including: