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Salinas’ weather is perfect year round. You might say we’re a little biased, but with average annual low and high temperatures ranging from 39 F to 74 F and an average of 68 F, Salinas’ Mediterranean-like climate is what helps our gardens – and vineyards - grow. Our community is nestled in a breathtaking valley with farms growing lettuce, grapes and strawberries. Even on a bad day, one can breathe easier in the city ranked eleventh for air quality. Enjoy the serene environment on the city’s 360 acres of parkland or gaze at the majesty of Mother Nature throughout Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s 276 miles of coastline and forest.

Twenty minutes away in Monterey, long walks on the beach are genuine hobbies along with beach volleyball and surfing. Fifteen parks and many beaches provide the outdoorsy with countless recreational opportunities to exercise or relax. Situated 55 miles from San Jose, 120 miles from San Francisco and 320 miles from Los Angeles, Salinas is never far away from the weekend getaway or business trip.


Avg. High

Avg. Low


Avg. Precip.

January 62 F 39 F 51 F 3.09 in.
February 64 F 42 F 53 F 3.08 in.
March 65 F 43 F 54 F 2.74 in.
April 67 F 45 F 56 F 1.03 in.
May 68 F 48 F 58 F 0.45 in.
June 70 F 51 F 61 F 0.09 in.
July 71 F 53 F 62 F 0.00 in.
August 73 F 54 F 64 F 0.04 in.
September 74 F 52 F 63 F 0.19 in.
October 73 F 48 F 61 F 0.64 in.
November 68 F 43 F 56 F 1.76 in.
December 62 F 40 F 51 F 2.44 in.